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Memorial Day Lasagne

on May 29, 2012

I am sorry that my blog has been quiet this past week.  It was a very emotionally charged week for me.  We lost a LAHIA family member and the emotions were running high.  We are holding a Memorial Day Service for Guy on Saturday June 2, 2012.  Please pray for his family as they grieve.

I had been praying for the trapper to deliver us a hog for today almost all week.  I found out when I arrived at LAHIA that the trapper was on vacation so no hog. I had hamburger meat. Chris said we could go in the pantry and look for what else I could do. I decided on lasagne. Ummmmmm, no cheese so of course I collected some funds and off to Winn Dixie I went.  Dr. Joe was happy to contribute when I told him what I was making.

Danny decided to take the ride with me. I have spent a few minutes talking with him but never had any time alone. He is a funny character.  I am well respected by the family so I have no fear in spending time alone with most of them. It is easily discernible for me to know who is not safe.

While I was out at Winn Dixie, Greg got the water going for the noodles.  6 boxes had to boiled.  He and I work really well together. I got back with the cheeses and got working immediately.  Lasagne for 50 is a big job!  We worked to get the ground beef browned, noodles cooked and cheese shredded. I bought cottage cheese instead of ricotta. Added a few eggs, some parmesaen cheese and tons of oregano to the blender and no one could tell it started out as cottage cheese!

We set a production line once we got everything prepped.  2 large pans ready for the oven with 20 minutes to spare. On to the homemade garlic bread and dessert. Watermelon and strawberries………..YUM

Though the week was emotional and the moods not so great, I was able to go in daily and love on my LAHIA family. The extra hugs and love I was able to share through my food never stopped.  I have been heavy in prayer for healing hearts. I am reminded daily that everyone grieves differently. Anger, sadness, and silence are just a part of the healing. I search for the right words letting the Lord lead me when counseling those who seek it.  The Lord has been speaking to me through Psalm 119. These are a few verses that have talked to my heart!

Psalm 119:28

My soul is weary with sorrow;  strengthen me according to your word.

Psalm 119:49

Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope.


2 responses to “Memorial Day Lasagne

  1. praying for your heart Rhonda. to be filled with HIS grace, and peace, and mercy. for YOU and for you to share with others. sorry you are hurting, and it is heavy. love you darling. J

  2. Your heart for the hurting is spectacular
    Keep on trusting HIM, love you, Tam

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