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Lobster with a side of chaos!

on May 16, 2012

I got up this morning not feeling much like doing anything. I bummed around my house for a bit then headed to LAHIA before lunch. I figured I would hang with the family a few hours then come home motivated to do something before I had to be back to prepare dinner.

I worked on the menu for dinner at 11am. We had received a large delivery from Red Lobster earlier that morning so I grabbed a few bags of lobster tails. Lobster scampi with pasta & brocolli, lobster in a cream sauce,  twiced baked potatoes and a green salad. I also had 10 bags of prime rib to prep since there was no room in the freezer. That came from Longhorn!  God is good at feeding us amazing food!

I have to laugh when I make my own plans since God always has something else in mind!  I got there in time for the drama of the day. It was if the moon was full and  everyone was completely PMSing (they are mostly men) all at once.  It was just a complete basketfull of crazy!  It is my daily goal not to get sucked in but today I was being used by the Lord to give guidance.  I listened to several stories from R, K, B & G. I play no favorites and don’t make any judgement, no matter how insane it all sounds.

Since I was not involved with preparing or serving lunch I took the time to escape and take T to the library. We worked on a food stamp application, got a few library books and had time to just talk.   It was a great conversation.  I shared some of my testimony and listened to some of his.  It was a great spiritual lift midday. I really appreciated his honesty and grateful attitude. We arrived back at LAHIA at 2pm. In time to start dinner.

For the first time all day the basketfull of crazy seemed to be closed. Most of the guys had gone and the few that remained we reading books or relaxing in the quiet.

This was the first time Scott was not in the kitchen with me, he took the night off so I was alone. I turned up the radio and started working on dinner. Dottie & Lynda eventually arrived and I grabbed Cowboy.  Dinner was amazing.  It easily could have been a $20 plate in a restaurant. It is nice to hear the compliments but I have to remind them that I am just blessed in the cooking department.

Sometimes I wonder if I am making an impact at LAHIA, after all this feeding ministry has been around for many years now then I realize the seeds I am planting through my service there makes a giant impact!

Matthew 4:19

Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.


4 responses to “Lobster with a side of chaos!

  1. you are doing a great thing in His name and I am certain you make an impact! plus your food sounds delicious! 🙂

  2. jdub561 says:

    Great story thanks for sharing and caring!

  3. jdub561 says:

    Good story thanks for sharing and caring!

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