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It’s a family thing

on May 5, 2012

When we started serving dinners on April 28th I decided it was important for my girls to be involved. We arrived at LAHIA at 3:30 to prepare eggplant parmesan and we had no idea how many we would be feeding that evening.  I gave each of my girls a task and they assisted in the meal prep! Even better when they helped do the dishes with not one complaint!

It was awesome to see them interact with the LAHIA family. Em was especially involved in conversation with several of the family. Her kindness was obvious as she opened herself to allow them in. It was amazing to see my daughter bloom in front of my eyes!

We ended up feeding about 30 which was an overwhelming feeling since it was our first dinner.  The amazing satisfaction I felt when one of the guys complimented us on the food. I explained that LAHIA was an extension of my own home and kitchen. My joy was found in making everyone feel at home!

My girls have been serving with me almost daily, asking to be included and shifting other things to make this a priority. I have always taught them to act unselfishly and seeing it occur with no prodding is a true gift from God!

Judges 5:9

My heart is with Israel’s princes, with the willing volunteers among the people. Praise the LORD!


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